Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing Royal Paws to groom your four-legged friend.
Please take a moment to read our Privacy Policy.

1. Introduction

Protecting Customer privacy is of utmost importance to Royal Paws. Accordingly, Royal Paws has developed this Privacy Policy in order to safeguard the Customer’s personal information and to protect the confidentiality thereof.

2. Personal Information Collected via the Royal Paws Website

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, ‘personal information’ means the Customer’s name, surname, physical address, e-mail address and cell phone number that is collected via the Royal Paws Website.

3. Types of Personal Information Collected

Royal Paws collects personal information when a Customer submits a booking form to make use of Royal Paws’ Services or when a Customer submits a feedback form.

4. Consent to Collection

By accepting the Royal Paws’ Terms and Conditions on the booking page and submitting your personal information, the Customer consents to Royal Paws’ collection of personal information via the Booking Form.

5. What do we use the Personal Information for?

The personal information that we collect from the Customer will be used for booking related e-mails. The email address and cell phone number that you provide for booking processing, will only be used to send you information and updates pertaining to your booking. Your information will not be used for the sending of unsolicited e-mail not relating to the services of Royal Paws.

6. Updating of Personal Information

Royal Paws shall, from time to time, request the Customer to update its personal information via e-mail to ensure that the Customer’s details are accurate and up to date. It is however the responsibility of the Customer to inform Royal Paws of any change in personal information which could affect their booking/s.

7. Retention of Personal Information

All personal information will only be retained for as long as the Customer utilises the services of Royal Paws. Should the Customer not wish to utilise the services of Royal Paws for the foreseeable future and wish for their personal information to be removed from the customer database, the Customer will be required to inform Royal Paws in writing at their earliest convenience.

8. Disclosure of Personal Information

Information collected from Customers will not be disclosed to any third parties. The information collected from Customers is for the sole use of Royal Paws only.

9. Security

Royal Paws uses encryption, firewalls and other security technology and procedures to help protect the confidentiality of your personal information and prevent unauthorised access or improper use thereof. All personal information is securely stored in Royal Paws’ Customer Database.

Kindly download and print a copy of our Privacy Policy for your records and for future reference: