About Us

At Royal Paws we believe that your four legged friend deserves the Royal treatment.  Our dogs bring us so much joy and unconditional love and we sometimes don’t have the time in our busy lifestyles to ensure they’re well cleaned and groomed.  

With Royal Paws mobile dog grooming you can be sure your pooch is spoiled and their needs taken care of during the whole pampering process. Don’t be surprised to see some huge grins and crazy tail wags after they’ve received the Royal Paws touch – they will love you for it.

We’re based in Gauteng and we’re mobile, so we come to your pooch, which has some great benefits for dog & human parent alike:

  •  No loading of dogs in and out of cars – we come to your house so your dog is in familiar surrounds, sounds and smells. No traumatising experience for pooch and some peace of mind for you as you get to witness the entire pampering process.
  •  No dealing with wet towels, Royal Paws brings clean, fresh towels along (one per dog).
  •  Royal Paws uses a Rapid Bathing system with clean warm water and here are some benefits to the animal:

 – Pleasurable, relaxing massaging action

 – A clean pet is a happier pet

 – Older and overweight pets having difficulty cleaning themselves can suffer from depression due to not           being clean

 – Cleans right down to the skin – even thick, long coated animals

 – Improved dermatological health due to cleanliness and getting oxygen down to the skin

 – Uses only high quality shampoos that are good for the coat and skin

 – Stimulates blood flow to the area being bathed – aids healing minor scrapes and cuts

 – Provides hydro-massage therapy – great for aging dogs and dogs suffering from conditions such as                 arthritis and hip dysphasia

Where do we operate?

We service most Gauteng suburbs (within a +- 40km radius of Midrand. However, if you fall outside of this please enquire and we will try to accommodate you.

In order for us to keep our prices stable (eeek….dreaded fuel increases) we try to group our visits together for specific areas on specific days.  Generally we do the following  – there are exceptions though, so best to enquire:

  •  Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand: Mondays & Fridays
  •  East Rand: Wednesdays and Thursdays
  •  Jo’burg Northern and Central: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  •  Jo’burg South: Thursdays